Freelance writing is writing on any topic you find interesting. It means putting down those things that you feel that would benefit some people, and then you give it to a company or
website which will in turn reward you with some cash or kind. You can earn from something like $20 to even $1000 depending on where you sell your works and the lengths. The most accepted lengths are from 450 words to around 1000, though they may even vary sometimes to 7000 words. Some companies would not pay you but rather provide you with a quality back link to your blog. If youíre a blogger, then you need this but if not, what would you do with a back link? Itís totally nothing of course. Everyone will not be a blogger even though the niche is something that can never be saturated, yet itís not meant for everybody. In other words, look for a site that would pay you for your work if you need that.  There are many niches you can choose from in the vast world of freelancing, and Iíll share some of them below:
o    Health
o    Technology Tutorials
o    Phone Reviews
o    Computer Reviews
o    Photoshop Tutorials
o    Literature
o    Sports
o    Blogging Tutorials-AdSense
o    Affiliate Marketing, etc
o    Fiverr Tutorials
o    Women and their health
o    Children and their health
o    Agriculture
o    Automobiles
o    Photography
o    Fashion and so many more. 


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