It is no longer news that PayPal does not accept Nigerians. This restriction by Paypal was necessitated some years back when some Nigerians used the payment platform to defraud many foreign buyers on Ebay.
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However, Nigerian PayPal users can only send funds and make online payments. PayPal does not allow Nigerians to receive or withdraw funds.
Thus, Iím going to put you through the two methods Iíve tested and used in opening my own PayPal accounts. The one I use in receiving payments online and to also send money online (PayPal full service).
Iím going to guide you through the processes involved on how to open PayPal account in Nigeria for just online shopping or to send payment for the online merchant. Now let me start with PayPal account for receiving and withdrawing funds, the trick I will be revealing here will be of help to you.
Since Paypal is not available to Nigerians, sending and receiving payment for online transactions have been so difficult for those who have legitimate reasons to use the payment system. And from all indications, Paypal isnít ready to reverse this restriction anytime soon.
Why Use PayPal?

There are possible lots of reasons why you should use PayPal for your transactions. When you use PayPal. your personal data and information are safe. when opening a PayPal account. you would be asked for your credit card details which you have to provide for verification. PayPal keeps such details very safe. Also, the flexibility and convenience of sending money are hassle free and transfers are done instantly.
However, find below the first method;
If you have friends or relative in South Africa, China, and other PayPal operating Country, donít use USA, UK, or Canada because u will be asked to link up your bank account with the PayPal account before u can be verified.
That is the reason why you will avoid using USA, UK or Canada. Now, if you have friends or relative in those country listed above, you can contact them to send you their home address in full including the country zip code.
Another means of getting the foreign address is to purchase foreign Home address online. You can use Google search to get one for yourself for free or with little money.
Now that you have your address ready for use, another thing you need is VPN. VPN is a tool or an application you can use to root your IP address on the internet so that no one will be able to discover your location. VPN will hide your Nigerian IP address, to any country of your choice.
This is very important because you donít want PayPal to discover your location. You can get either a paid VPN or a free VPN. Whichever way, they are both good. You can make a google search for free VPN software for PC (e.g Zenmate) or any VPN app for android phones (e.g FlashVPN). If these are ready, you are also ready to go. You are now set to open your PayPal account, follow these simple steps below:
Power your PC with the internet. Lunch your VPN. Ensure it's connected and running Goto PayPal it will take you to PayPal webpage, then click on sign up to start creating your account. Fill all the required field, your name, your email address, your location, your home address( use your foreign home address). Now that you have filled all required field, click on sign up. Then a link will be sent to your email address for confirmation. Click on the link to confirm your email.
You can now go back to PayPal key in your login details to access your account. Now your account is ready, but you still have one more thing to do. You will need to verify your account before you can start making use of it
How to verify your PayPal account in Nigeria.

It's very important to verify PayPal account, without verification your account will not function. Follow the steps bellow to verify your account;
Log in to your account, at the right side corner. Remember to use your VPN all through. You will see VERIFY account, your account can only be verified by linking your credit card to your PayPal account. To do that you will need a credit card, master or visa card.
Remember you are not opening Nigerian PayPal, so you can not verify this account with Nigeria credit card. So this account can only be verified using a dollar credit card.
I know you are asking where to get a dollar credit card to verify your account? It is very very simple, you can purchase a virtual credit card to verify your account from Nigeriagoldexchange for just $10 or you pay its equivalent in naira, and your card number contain 16 digit numbers and the VCC numbers will be sent to you via your email address you use to sign up with Nigeriagoldexchange with a link where your card will be activated.
Make sure you register the card with the name and address you use for your PayPal account. You now have your virtual credit card in your mailbox.
You can now go back to your PayPal account to verify your account as I said earlier, Click on verify account, a box will pop up showing where you can put in the card details:
credit number:16 digit numbers
VCC Number: 3 digit numbers
Expiring date: month/year
Card type: master or visa card.
After you fill in this information above, then click on verify.
Paypal will send you a mail that $1.97 Is been deducted from your credit card and will be returned after the card is
been confirmed and authorized for the deduction. Within 48hrs, a code containing 4 digit numbers will be sent to you via your email address.
Take this code back to your PayPal account, click on verify the account, there is a field provided for you to enter the verification code sent to you by PayPal, thereafter click save.
That is all! Now your account is fully ready for operation.
You can start receiving money from your survey companies, your affiliate companies, and others.
Remember to always operate your PayPal account using the VPN so that your account will not be limited when the location you are operating the account from is different.
Again, always avoid login into your account all the time. It's a good practice to monitor your account from your email address since every transaction that takes place in your PayPal account will always communicate via your
Although, there are still some few alternatives to PayPal which I will highlight below, some of which include but not limited to the following:
1. Western Union Money Transfer:
With this method, you can receive payment from anywhere in the world. If youíre a freelancer, this may be a good option for you ó provided you have clients that are understanding.
Note that you must have a valid government-issued ID card (such as an international passport, national identity card, or driversí license) before you can receive payments.
Although this payment method is very speedy, it may not be suitable for very small payments due to the transfer and transaction charges.
2. Bank Wire transfer:
This method of payment is very simple. your funds are transferred from the senderís bank account to your own bank account here in Nigeria. Once again, youíll need a domiciliary account for you to receive payment through this method or into your Naira bank account, but the convention will be dining by your bank and may attract. little fee.
Though speedy as it may seem, this payment method is not instant. You may have to wait for days to a few weeks before receiving your funds. But the option is suitable for almost everyone in online business.
3. Payoneer Mastercard
This is the coolest option for Nigerians (in my own opinion).
With the Payoneer debit MasterCard, you can receive payment from freelance job sites, affiliate networks, individuals, and companies.
To get your Payoneer debit card, you have two options:
If youíre going into online freelance business (writing, web design, programming, SEO, graphics design, virtual assistance, translation, etc.) or affiliate marketing, you can request the card through the freelance outsourcing site or affiliate network you want to work with. Elance, Odesk, Freelancer, Markethealth, and Fiverr are examples of Payoneer partners through which you can request your own card.
Secondly, you can visit Payoneerís website to request the card directly.
After your request has been confirmed by the Payoneer support, youíll be sent an email informing you of the shipment as well as the expected delivery date.
Note: Payoneer does not deliver to mailboxes. Only residential addresses are allowed. So, use a valid residential address that can be traced easily. If your card gets lost in transit, you may be asked to pay $50 (about N7500) before another card is sent to you.
The Payoneer card allows you to receive direct payment from freelance sites and affiliate networks.
Also, individuals can load funds directly to your card from another credit/debit card. Once you have the funds on your card, youíll get an email notification from Payoneer, and you can withdraw your funds instantly from any ATM .
4. 2Checkout:
Also known as 2CO, this service allows you to integrate a payment system into your website or blog. So, if you sell products or render services online, this option is for you.
Just visit 2checkout and register. (Note that youíll be charged an application fee of $10.) It takes just a few days to get your account approved (they need to confirm that your business is credible). Once your account is approved, you can set up the payment button on your page.
With 2CO, you can receive payment from anyone, regardless of the payment method that person chooses (Paypal, credit/debit card, and over 5 others).
Subsequently, you can withdraw your funds from your 2CO account. Payment is made every Thursday (provided you have up to the minimum release balance) to your Payoneer Mastercard, or your bank (domiciliary) account via check or Wire transfer.
You can find out more information about 2checkout on their FAQ page.
Final Words
The information shared above You can now shop online on any website without stress.
If you are experiencing any challenge or difficulties, or you are satisfied with the thus information, pls let us know by using the comment box below.