Fruit juice is one of the popular drinks that are made and consumed locally in Nigeria.
We have varieties of edible fruit that are grown in Nigeria and it would be inappropriate to allow them to perish without making proper use of them.

We all know that a fully matured fruits cannot be stored for more than two weeks, it would definitely lose its nutrients and healthy benefit. So if you have lots of fruits and don’t know what to do with them, just turn them into fruit juice.

At once I was in this situation; I had lots of pineapples at home and couldn’t figure out how to stop them from wasting away. I decided to blend, squeeze out the juice and Viola! Pineapple juice appeared :D, it was very tasty and for that week I didn’t have to spend extra money to entertain my visitors.

I believe there would be no need for me to reiterate the unfathomable benefits of fruit juice or why I think it beats the alternative to pulp. You probably know that freshly squeeze juice have one major advantage over canned juice – it is fresh.

Also, in most cases it wouldn’t contain any extra coloring or preservative, that is why it is preferred above whatever you can get from the juice companies, I am talking about the canned or bottled juice.

I have been campaigning about healthy Nigerian foods for the past couple of months and I really think that it is necessary for Nigerian to cultivate a healthy eating habit. This will guarantee optimum health and ultimately foster longevity.

Fruit juice is one of the most healthy drinks around and you are just going to learn everything about it here, perhaps, it would serve as the beginning of your own switch to ‘healthy things’ 😀

There is nothing so special about making fruit juice, you probably have an idea as to what I am going to say, you always do. It simply involves squeezing out the juice of a particular fruit or a blend of different fruits as the case maybe.

Here we are going to be doing a blend of orange and pineapple juice, I guess that is simple enough.

You will need just

Pineapples (as much as you can get)
Oranges (as much as you can get)
Juice extractor
Kitchen Knife
Kitchen tray

There is a standard juice extractor that is used for blending and squeezing fruits but if you don’t have it you can go the usual method. A simple kitchen blender would also be useful.

Go ahead and peel off the back of the pineapples and slice into blender-size bits. Also peel off the back of the orange and squeeze out the juice.

Throw the pineapples into a blender and proceed to blend into a smooth puree. Then go ahead and filter to get just the juice, mix with the orange juice that you already squeezed out and serve chilled with your favorite snack or food of choice.

That is how to make fruit juice, in this case it was a blend of both pineapple juice and orange. Go ahead and try making juice out of any fruit you lay your hand on; try mango juice or a combination of mango and pineapple, all of these would be pretty easy if you have a juice extractor but if you don’t you can always use your hands.

The purpose of this article is to motivate Nigerians into eating freshly made foods and drinks, they beat whatever you can pull out of the can/bottle. You can also try paw or guava juice, a combination of both may taste even better. Give it a whirl and tell me how it all turned out.